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Bangalore to Jog Falls Tour Packages

Jog Falls Tour Packages from Bangalore

Book 6 Popular & Best Jog Falls Holiday Trips from Bangalore by Private Cab including, best Itinerary, Stay, Sightseeing and Meal Plan at affordable rates with best service.

Places to visit in Jog Falls

  • Linganamakki Dam: Linganamakki Dam was constructed by the Karnataka State Government in 1964. About 2.4 km long, Linganamakki Dam is considered to be one of the largest manmade reservoirs in the country. This dam has a height of 1,819 feet and a catchment area of 1991 sq. km. The main purpose behind building this dam was to help with providing irrigation facilities in that area and also help with supplying fresh drinking water. It derives most of its water requirements from the annual rainfall. Another water support of this dam is Chakra and Savahaklu water reservoirs, which are linked to the dam through a canal. There is also a hydroelectricity plant with a power generation capacity of 55 MW.

  • Keladi: Keladi is known for its rich past and culture as it once served as the first capital of the Keladi Nayaka rulers, who were the feudals of the Vijayanagara Empire. Today, this historic town is adorned with two popular attractions - Keladi Rameshwara Temple and Keladi Museum. The Rameshwara Temple devoted to Lord Rameshwara is the finest example of Hoysala, Dravidian, and Kadamba architectural styles. Chowdappa Nayaka, who had built the temple, strategically placed every brick and tile to give rise to this awe-inspiring piece of work. The pillars are stunningly carved with epic gods and goddesses as well as animals.

  • Ikkeri: The historical town of Ikkeri was the erstwhile capital of the Keladi Nayakas for 120 years during the 16th-17th centuries. The Keladi rulers built temples, a citadel, and a palace in Ikkeri during their rule. At that time Ikkeri also had a mint that minted coins. A lot has changed since those ancient times and Ikkeri has lost much of its grandeur. The only vestige of its former greatness is the temple of Aghoreshwara. The word Ikkeri in Kannada means 'Two Streets'.

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