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Bangalore to Dharmasthala Tour Package

Dharmasthala Tour Packages from Bangalore

Book 8 Popular & Best Dharmasthala Holiday Trips from Bangalore by Private Cab including, best Itinerary, Stay, Sightseeing and Meal Plan at affordable rates with best service.

Places to visit in Dharmasthala

  • Dharmasthala Temple: Situated on the banks of the Nethravathi river, this is a temple attracting devotees of all religions, caste and beliefs; Jains, Hindus, Christians and Muslims as well. It is dedicated to Shri Manjunathaswamy, a form of Lord Shiva.

  • Bahubali Statue: Bahubali Statue, a breathtaking monolithic statue of Lord Bahubali is located in Dharmasthala, on top of the Ratnagiri Hill near River Nethravathi, in the Indian state of Karnataka. Bahubali which means the 'One with Strong Arms', is a legendary figure known for his Strength, Power and Intellect. His persona is highly praised and is considered an essential aspect of the Jain religion. The sculptured statue stands at a massive height of 57 feet and is carved out of a single rock. Some visit the statue to offer their prayers and some to come one step closer to peace and salvation.

  • Netravathi River Barrage: A scenic location with facilities for a bath in the river, this unpolluted area is also famous for its nature care hospital located on the banks.

  • Ram Mandir, Dharmasthala: Dharmasthala's Ram Mandir is located on the shores of the Netravati river, at a distance of 3.5 km from the Shri Manjunath Temple.. Simple yet elegant in its construction, this temple has marble idols of Lord Ram, Lord Lakshman, and Goddess Sita. Each year this temple is thronged by devotees who visit the temple to meditate or worship their revered deities. In addition to being a spiritual centre, the temple site has unparalleled natural beauty as well. The temple complex overlooks the mighty Western Ghats with the Netravati River in the backdrop.

  • Annappa Betta: This hill in Dharmasthala encloses the shrines of four Dharam Gods and is also known as the Badinede Betta.

  • Manjusha Museum: With its vast collection of articles depicting the culture and history of Dharmasthala, the museum also houses a collection of temple chariots outside the temple.

  • Chandranath Swamy Temple: There aren't too many elaborate shopping complexes or novel specialties here. One might chance upon simple shops around popular tourist places.

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